NERALLT is a regional affiliate of IALLT, the International Association for Language Learning Technology. Our members are educators, administrators and technical support staff of spaces or initiatives in which technology enhances the teaching and learning of languages, literatures and cultures.

Although we serve the greater New England region, anyone is welcome to join this site and our organization.

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NERALLT - Elections 2017

Slate of Candidates

President-Elect: Dr. Jean Janecki, Mount Holyoke College

Dr. Jean Janecki is the Language Resource Center Director at Mount Holyoke College. She completed her Ph.D. in Modern Spanish Literature at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She was an Assistant Professor of Spanish as well as part time LRC Director at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse before changing to her current role in 2014. Her research focuses on virtual platforms for language exchanges, as well as media based technology for enhancing writing projects in the foreign language classroom. Her latest article on the use of eportfolios in liberal arts colleges will be published in summer 2017. As part of her position at Mount Holyoke College, Dr. Janecki is library liaison to several language departments and has expanded her skills to include teaching courses on information literacy. She presents at regional, national, and international conferences on topics related to instructional technology, Modern Spanish literature, art, and film, as well as library instruction.

Past Involvement with NERALLT:
Dr. Janecki presented at the 2014 and 2015 NERALLT conferences and hosted the 2016 conference at Mount Holyoke College. In 2014, her presentation was entitled How to “Zoom” in Foreign Language classes, and in 2015, Dr. Janecki  presented with Alex Waid on SAMR and BYOD pedagogies. She is currently membership Coordinator for NERALLT and looking forward to taking on a leadership role to continue working to advance the mission of the organization.

Co-Program Coordinator: Dr. Theresa Schenker, Yale University 

Theresa Schenker is the Language Program Director and Senior Lector II of German at Yale University. Her primary research interests focus on computer-assisted language learning, especially telecollaboration, and the development of intercultural competence. Her secondary research interests include the effects of short-term study abroad on language skills and intercultural competence, as well as Afro-German culture. She has presented her research at multiple national and international conferences and published in peer-reviewed journals and books. At Yale, Theresa is in charge of the language program, study abroad, and graduate student teaching training. Theresa is editor of the journal Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German and book review editor for the journal CALICO.

Past Involvement with NERALLT: Dr. Schenker presented at the 2014, 2015, and 2016 NERALLT conferences. In 2016, she took on the role of program coordinator. This year, Dr. Schenker is interested in continuing in the position of program coordinator together with her colleague Mary Jo DiBiase-Lubrano, because she is passionate about language teaching with technology and would be excited to continue to help shape the organization and move it forward. She would be honored to have the opportunity to play a more active role in NERALLT through this work.

Co-Program Coordinator: Mary Jo DiBiase-Lubrano, Yale University

Mary Jo DiBiase-Lubrano works at the Yale University Center for Language Study as Language Testing and Assessment Specialist.  She assists language faculty and departments with assessment matters and with research design using language tests. Prior to Yale, Mary Jo was a tenured instructor of English as a Foreign Language and English for Specific Purposes (Scientific, Medical and Legal English) at the University of Perugia (Italy) where she taught for over 23 years.  With a background in language testing in Applied Linguistics (Lancaster University, UK) and foreign languages and linguistics (University of Perugia), her research interests and publications focus on the validation of high stakes proficiency testing, testing advanced proficiency levels, testing languages for specific purposes, standard setting and assessment literacy.  She is a certified ACTFL trainer and tester (English and Italian), and a tester trainer and training materials author for the Bureau of International Language Coordination, NATO’s advisory body for language learning and testing matters.  She has served on the organizing committee of several international conferences and symposia as proposal reviewer and program coordinator. She has presented at numerous national and international conferences on language testing issues.

I have served as member on numerous organizing committees of national and international conferences and symposia by reviewing proposals and working on program preparations for over 10 years. I believe I can contribute to NERALLT by successfully organizing annual meetings and serving as liaison with affiliate organizations in compliance with NERALLT protocol.

Note: Theresa Schenker and Mary Jo DiBiase-Lubrano are running as a team for the position of Program Coordinator and will share the duties of the position.

Treasurer: Luke McCarthy, Norwalk Community College

Luke McCarthy has taught ESL/EFL and supported language programs at private schools and colleges for the past 16 years. Luke has been the ESL Lab Coordinator at Norwalk Community College since 2007, where he teaches the lab component of credit ESL courses and supports the ESL Division with database management and creating and finding technical solutions. Luke previously worked as the ESL Coordinator for a private English school in Michigan and taught EFL in Japan and Taiwan. Luke has an M.A. in TESOL from Southern Illinois University and a B.A. in ESL from the University of Hawaii. His professional interests are in developing materials, resources, and applications that benefit all language learners.

I have been a member of NERALLT since 2008, and I have enjoyed meeting its talented and creative members and presenters and learning about new technologies and different approaches to learning spaces. I am currently the Treasurer and would be honored to continue in this role. I have learned a lot and have enjoyed working with the board and our wonderful NERALLT members. Thank you.

Secretary: Dr. Joseph Terantino, Brown University

Joe Terantino is the Director of the Language Resource Center at Brown University. He received his Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition & Instructional Technology from the University of South Florida. At Brown, Joe teaches a new graduate seminar, “Technology-Enhanced Language Pedagogies”. He is a passionate user and researcher of instructional technology who enjoys the challenge of tinkering with new tools. In particular, he is interested in online teaching, social media and web 2.0 tools.

As a newcomer to New England, I feel it is important to become as involved as possible in this regional organization to share experiences, collaborate and review each other’s work. Along this line, I have chosen to run for the secretary position to become more involved in NERALLT and to serve the group and its members as needed.

Note: Members will receive a message with a link to a voting form beginning of June. For questions, contact Audrey Sartiaux,



Congratulations to Luke McCarthy, new NERALLT Treasurer!

Congratulations to Luke McCarthy who has been elected for the position of Treasurer for NERALLT!

To learn more about Luke, please read below.

Luke McCarthy, ESL Lab Coordinator
Norwalk Community College


Luke McCarthy has taught ESL/EFL and supported and administered language programs at private schools and colleges in Taiwan, Japan, and the U.S. for the past 13 years. Luke has been the ESL Lab Coordinator at Norwalk Community College since 2007, where he teaches the lab component of credit ESL classes and supports the ESL Division in numerous other areas. Luke previously worked as the ESL Coordinator for a private English school in Ann Arbor, Michigan and taught EFL in Taiwan and Japan. Luke has an M.A. in TESOL from Southern Illinois University and a B.A. in ESL from the University of Hawaii. His professional interests lie in developing computer resources and applications used in language learning and teaching.

Why run for Treasurer:

I have been a member of NERALLT since about 2008. I have enjoyed learning about and sharing new technologies and meeting NERALLT's wonderful members and presenters. I would be honored to be the Treasurer so I can get to know NERALLT’s board members better and be more involved in the workings of the organization. Being the Treasurer will also allow me to be more familiar with new and current members. I believe I can make a positive contribution to the organization, and I look forward to meeting everyone at the next conference or sooner. Thank you.



NERALLT Webinar Series 2014: Teaching Students to Learn: Autonomy, Learner Training, and Self-Regulation

"Teaching Students to Learn: Autonomy, Learner Training, and Self-Regulation
Date: Wednesday, May 14th
Time: 4:00 pm, Eastern Daylight Time (New York, GMT-04:00)
Presentation Format: Presentation: 30 min / Q and A: 15 min
Presenters: Anne Baker and Scott Sterling
Michigan State University
Obtaining advanced proficiency requires students to go beyond normal classroom activities and engage with the language on their own. To assist language learners, we have created a suite of online free learner- centered materials that can be incorporated into the classroom or used independently. Materials include learner training on proficiency scale, the basics of L2 acquisition, and learning strategies, as well as an online application for speaking practice and training in self-assessment.
Presenters Biographical Notes:
Anne Baker is associate director of Michigan State University's  Center for Language Teaching Advancement (CeLTA), and Scott Sterling is a graduate assistant at CeLTA and a student in MSU's PhD program in Second Language Studies. 
Note: The NERALLT annual business meeting is taking place at 3pm on the same date: Wednesday, May 14th. You are invited to join us. NERALLT members are especially encouraged to attend.



NERALLT Webinar Series 2014: “The iPad as a Personal Teaching Assistant”

“The iPad as a personal teaching assistant”

Date:  Monday, April 28th                       

Time: 12:00pm-12:45pm EDT
Presentation Format: Presentation: 30 min / Q and A: 15 min
Location: Online through WebEx
Note: Link to the meeting room will be emailed prior to meeting for registered participants
Presenter: Emilie Talpin with Dick House, UNH
In this Webinar, we will present the use of an iPad as an instructional aid both in and outside the language classroom. If one reads articles about using iPads as a teaching tool, one finds numerous authors focusing on the benefits of iPads for students.  This presentation will be slanted towards how the iPad can be used as a teaching tool by the instructor, as opposed to a learning tool by students, although we will provide observations on the learning results that accrue.
Presenters Biography:
Emilie Talpin is a Lecturer in French at the University of New Hampshire. She earned a Masters in English from L'Université de Bourgogne, in Dijon and an MA in French from Miami University, Ohio.  She has presented at NERALLT (Fall 2013).  Her teaching experience includes all levels of language courses and a literature class (readings in French literature).  Her research interests include the inverted classroom, as well as the use of the technology in the language classroom generally.  She is currently using iBook Author to develop a manual for a review of French course which she will be teaching in the Fall of 2014.  In addition, she is leading a series of workshops on the Instructor’s use of iPads in the classroom under the sponsorship of the UNH Language Resource Center.
 Dick House has degrees in Slavic, French and General linguistics from the University of Washington and Cornell.  His first brush with technology was working on a 3 person team which successfully used computing to represent the rhyme schemes of the Russian Poet Alexander Pushkin.  After teaching at the secondary and college level for more than 15 years he accepted a position as head of a Language Learning Center at Wabash College in Indiana.  He has held a similar position at the University of New Hampshire since 2002, also teaching Russian Language and Literature, and sometimes doing sessions in French or Russian introducing students to the LRC’s technology.  His current interest is in the use of video (film and otherwise) as both an object of study and as a token of the speech and culture of a language in the classroom.



Fall 2013 Conference Call For Proposals

Flip, but Don't Flop:
Managing the Mix of In-Class and Online Language Learning

Saint Anselm College - Manchester, NH
Oct. 24th-25th

You may hear some of your colleagues in conversations mention that they are flipping parts of their course. They leverage methods such as distributing recorded portions of their class online or providing online learning materials for study prior to engaging their students face-to-face, thus reclaiming precious classroom time. By having their students familiarize themselves with the material ahead of time, they are able to transform their class into active learning sessions through group activities and discussions where students take the lead. Students benefit from being able to readily apply concepts while the instructor is able to answer questions and detect issues as they arise, providing immediate feedback. The theme for the Fall 2013 conference will focus on the ways the flipped classroom model is changing how languages are taught and learned.


We invite faculty and technology professionals to submit proposals that address any of these areas related to the flipped classroom model as they relate to:
-Teaching practices
-Instructional Design
-Technologies utilized in the flipped classroom

Types of Presentations:

NERALLT seeks presentation perspectives and formats which aim to engage the audience interactively such as:
30 minute individual/group presentations (not including Q&A)
Roundtable discussions or panels (30 minutes with a maximum of 3 presenters and 15 minutes Q & A)
Electronic poster sessions
Workshops (1-2 hours, hands-on)
Lightning round sessions (5 minute presentation followed by facilitated group discussion)

Instructions For Submitting An Abstract:

Please submit your proposal here.

Submission deadline is September 9, 2013