NERALLT is a regional affiliate of IALLT, the International Association for Language Learning Technology. Our members are educators, administrators and technical support staff of spaces or initiatives in which technology enhances the teaching and learning of languages, literatures and cultures.

Although we serve the greater New England region, anyone is welcome to join this site and our organization.

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Fall 2013 Conference Call For Proposals

Flip, but Don't Flop:
Managing the Mix of In-Class and Online Language Learning

Saint Anselm College - Manchester, NH
Oct. 24th-25th

You may hear some of your colleagues in conversations mention that they are flipping parts of their course. They leverage methods such as distributing recorded portions of their class online or providing online learning materials for study prior to engaging their students face-to-face, thus reclaiming precious classroom time. By having their students familiarize themselves with the material ahead of time, they are able to transform their class into active learning sessions through group activities and discussions where students take the lead. Students benefit from being able to readily apply concepts while the instructor is able to answer questions and detect issues as they arise, providing immediate feedback. The theme for the Fall 2013 conference will focus on the ways the flipped classroom model is changing how languages are taught and learned.


We invite faculty and technology professionals to submit proposals that address any of these areas related to the flipped classroom model as they relate to:
-Teaching practices
-Instructional Design
-Technologies utilized in the flipped classroom

Types of Presentations:

NERALLT seeks presentation perspectives and formats which aim to engage the audience interactively such as:
30 minute individual/group presentations (not including Q&A)
Roundtable discussions or panels (30 minutes with a maximum of 3 presenters and 15 minutes Q & A)
Electronic poster sessions
Workshops (1-2 hours, hands-on)
Lightning round sessions (5 minute presentation followed by facilitated group discussion)

Instructions For Submitting An Abstract:

Please submit your proposal here.

Submission deadline is September 9, 2013

2013 Officer Elections

Information about elections is now available in the Activities section of this site.


Upcoming Webinar: Short Term Online Language Review Courses

Presenter: Edwige Simon, Ph.D.
Anderson Language Technology Center
The University of Colorado at Boulder

Date/Time: Friday, May 17th - 12:00 pm-12:45 pm EST

Presentation Format:
- Presentation: 30 min
- Q and A: 15 min

Online through Adobe Connect
Registration form: Click here to register


The Anderson Language & Technology Center (ALTEC) at CU Boulder offers non-credit online review courses in French, German and Spanish year round. These courses, taught by experienced instructors, are an excellent way for intermediate students to brush up on their language skills. In this webinar, I will discuss the challenges and affordances of designing and offering these online review courses. I will address design principles (social media and 100% authentic resources), recruiting students, keeping students motivated in a non-credit course, keeping the content updated, and training teachers to teach online.
Presenter biography:
I have been working in the field of education for over ten years. For the past 7 years, I have been working for the Anderson Language & Technology Center at CU Boulder where I run a language technology certification program. I conduct regular hands-on workshops and give presentations for faculty, graduate students and k-12 teachers on how to integrate technology in the classroom. I have also worked as a consultant for the school of Continuing Education at the University of Colorado (Boulder) and as an independent contractor for an online learning company. I recently finished my PhD in online learning. My research interests focus on professional development and the preparation of educators to teach online.



Follow-up Webinar on Online Assessments

Here is a link to the recording of the Webinar on Online Assessments: Some Common and Uncommon Issues in Less Commonly Taught Languages by Gyanam Mahajan

The PPT of the presentation will be available soon.


Upcoming Webinar: Online Assessments: Some Common and Uncommon Issues in Less Commonly Taught Languages

Presenter: Gyanam Mahajan, Ph.D.
Language Program Coordinator, SSEALC
Date/Time: Friday, April 19th - 12:00 pm-12:45 pm ET
Presentation Format:
   - Presentation: 30 min
   - Q and A: 15 min
Online through Adobe Connect
Registration form: Click here to register
Online assessments are an integral part of language teaching today. Some programs rely solely on online assessments while others incorporate them to varying degrees in different formats. This webinar will discuss different types of online assessments, their aims and goals, different targets, skills and levels, and different classes of languages. We will raise some common and uncommon issues when designing and implementing online assessments in less commonly taught languages.

Presenter Biography:

Gyanam Mahajan joined NERALLT a few years ago despite being on the west coast! She presented at a NERALLT meeting a couple of years ago.
Gyanam has a Ph.D. in Linguistics from Brandeis University and has been teaching at UCLA since 1992. She has been the Language Program Coordinator for South and Southeast Asian Languages since 2005. She is a NASILP Examiner and works on Proficiency testing and curriculum development. She is also a media consultant and forensic expert on South Asian languages and culture. She has presented at local, national and international conferences on a variety of linguistics, language and culture, language teaching and heritage language acquisition topics. She is currently working on specialized online certification courses in LCTLs.

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