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The LLTI discussion list is a conversation nexus for information on language learning and technology, language lab technology, computer supported language learning, interactive video, interactive audio, language workstations, international standards, conversions, compatibilities, and more, all with an international perspective. List subscription, as well as its archive, is available online.


Membership Information

(This information represents sections found in the NERALLT bylaws and board descriptions)

NERALLT draws its participants from institutions of higher education and from secondary schools in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York (east of the Hudson and north of Yonkers).

Membership in NERALLT does not include membership in IALLT, nor vice versa. The two groups are related, however, and do communicate membership information to each other. We strongly recommend that NERALLT members take part in IALLT.

Dues are currently $25 per year, with the membership year running from October of one year through October of the next. If you attend one of our meetings, you will become a member for the current membership year. You can even join online!

Dues-paying members have voting privileges in the organization. Dues are used for postage and other communications costs, to defray portions of our meeting costs as needed and to pay outside experts honoraria for presentations.

NERALLT maintains a mailing list for members and other interested parties. Meetings are not closed to non-members except under extenuating circumstances (e.g., capacity of host institution to accommodate crowds). Non-members may be dropped from the mailing list without notice.

We meet in person annually, usually in the fall. Frequently, through the efforts of members and their institutions, we offer hands-on workshops free for members on the day prior to the meeting.