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The LLTI discussion list is a conversation nexus for information on language learning and technology, language lab technology, computer supported language learning, interactive video, interactive audio, language workstations, international standards, conversions, compatibilities, and more, all with an international perspective. List subscription, as well as its archive, is available online.


About Us

What is NERALLT?

NERALLT is an organization for those concerned with the use and development of technology-enhanced teaching and learning spaces, methodologies, and research for languages, literatures and cultures. NERALLT is the oldest regularly meeting language learning technology organization in the United States; as such NERALLT was the inspiration for the regional structure of the International Association for Language Learning Technology (IALLT), with which it continues to be affiliated. A brief history of our organization chronicles our development.


Who are we?

Our members are educators, administrators and technical support staff of spaces or initiatives in which technology enhances the teaching and learning of languages, literatures, and cultures.


Where and when
do we meet?

We have one in-person meeting annually. Frequently, through the efforts of members and their institutions, we offer hands-on workshops (free for members) on the day prior to the meeting. We also meet online throughout the year.


What do we meet about?

Such things as the use of emerging technologies in language education, center management, copyright considerations and other current issues are among the topics the members themselves have chosen to investigate..


How do I become a member? Membership dues for NERALLT are only $25.00 per year. Further information about membership and a membership form are all that stand between you and membership! If you attend our annual in-person meeting, you will become a member for the current year automatically, as we include membership in the registration fee of the conference. Our membership year runs from October to October.