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Although we serve the greater New England region, anyone is welcome to join this site and our organization.

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NERALLT Fall Conference 2015 Call for Proposals: Submission Deadline May 1, 2015

The University of New Hampshire

Durham, New Hampshire 

Thursday & Friday, October 22 & 23, 2015

Faculty and technology professionals spend a lot of time looking for new technology and then learning how it works. We consider whether and how to integrate the latest technology in the language learning process. Yet, how often do we reflect on a framework that poses the basis for integration of technology in teaching and learning?

Audience and Focus

One example of such a framework for integrating technology with a learning activity or task is Puentedura’s SAMR model which categorizes use of technology as enhancing or transforming learning.  As instructors or technologists, whether we use the SAMR continuum or another framework, we may still find ourselves asking such questions as

  • What does it mean to transform language learning? How do we do it?
  • How do we get out of the box of pre-established paradigms of teaching and learning languages?
  • How does the integration of technology impact assessment?
  • What possibilities does technology offer and how can we make the most of these?
  • What might teachers ask or suggest that technology be able to do in the future?

More information about SAMR Model


The SAMR Model Explained by Ruben R. Puentedura:

Technology in Education: A Brief Introduction by Ruben Puentedura:


Using SAMR to Teach Above the Line:

Using the SAMR Model of Technology Integration:

Call for Proposals

We invite faculty and technology professionals to submit proposals that address any of these areas related to transforming language learning as they relate to:

  • Research
  • Teaching practices
  • Instructional Design
  • Technologies Used to Transform Language Learning
  • Assessment

Types of Presentations

NERALLT seeks presentation perspectives and formats that will engage the audience interactively such as

  • Individual/group presentations (30-minutes +15 min Q & A)
  • Round-table discussions or panels (30 minutes, maximum 3 presenters +15 min Q & A)
  • Electronic poster sessions
  • Workshops (1-2 hours, hands-on)
  • Lightning round sessions (5 minute presentation followed by facilitated group discussion)

Guidelines for Proposals
Proposals should be limited to 300 words. The title should be no longer than 15 words.

Only one abstract submission per person, but a presenter may appear as a co-author (but not the first author) on other submitted abstracts. An author may also submit another proposal in an additional category (e.g., a poster or a workshop).

All proposals for consideration must be submitted online and will not be accepted after the deadline. For more information visit the NERALLT website

Submission deadline: May 1, 2015

To submit a proposal click here.

Anna Iacovella
NERALLT Program Coordinator 
Language Program Director
Italian Language and Literature Department
Yale University
82-90 Wall Street (rm 411)
New Haven, CT 06520-8311


NERALLT 2015 Conference Information and Registration

NERALLT 2015 Conference, October 22-23, 2015


Registration will be available soon!

Please note that the Thursday dinner (October 22, 20145) is not covered by the registration fee.


Local hotel information in Durham (within a 15-20-minute walking distance):

Three Chimneys Inn  (888) 399-9777

The Pines Guest House (603) 868-3361

Holiday Inn Express  (603) 868-1234

Local hotel information outside of Durham (within a 15-25-minute drive):

Hampton Inn - Dover (special UNH-IOL rates) in Dover, NH  (603) 516-5600

Fairfield Inn Portsmouth Seacoast (special UNH-IOL rates) in Portsmouth, NH    1-603-436-6363

Sheraton Portsmouth Hotel (special UNH-IOL rates)  in Portsmouth, NH   (603) 431-2300

Conference Venue

The Squamscott and Cocheco room
University of New Hampshire

75 Main Street
Durham, NH 03824

Click here to view the rooms.

Click here to view the map.

Directions and Parking

Visitor Information – Parking 

All UNH Visitors are subject to campus parking rules and regulations.
Parking for Visitors is available at the Visitor Information Center or at hourly Pay & Display or metered areas throughout campus. Map. Daytime parking requires a paid meter or permit! Please take careful note of the following options and restrictions:

Visitor Information Center, 295 Mast Road

All-day and overnight parking for visitors is available at the Visitor Information Center, 295 Mast Road.  Parking here requires the payment of the Pay & Display pay station kiosk (up to 12 hours) or display of a valid visitor permit ($10/day).  The meter/permit requirement at the Visitor Center is enforced 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.  Weekends and university holidays are free.  Kiosks take coins & major credit cards (no bills).  A change machine is available inside the Visitor Center when the building is open.  Overnight special:  $10 buys you twelve hours (see "overnight parking", below).  Day passes are available to anyone that would be here for multiple days. Day passes are sold M-F 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, so you may have to have your host arrange a permit for you in advance if you arrive after 4pm, or use the pay station. Day permit sales require the license plate number, the arrival and departure dates, and the full daily rate of $10.00.

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Dinner Venue (Thursday, October 22, 2015): 

Phone: (603) 868-7800
17 Newmarket Rd, Durham, NH 03824


Report from NERALLT 2014 Conference

Report from the New England Regional Association for Language Learning Technology 2014 Conference, Brown University, Providence, RI

By Anna Iacovella, Program Coordinator & Language Program Director, Italian Department, Yale University

NERALLT - the New England Regional Association for Language Learning Technology – 2014 Fall Conference has taken place at Brown University, Providence, RI, which has been organized by our very own Julie Lirot, NERALLT secretary. The Conference was a success! Both presenters and audience were engaged in many interactive reflections. The weather was not cooperative enough to enjoy the walking around campus. Nevertheless, the short walk to the digital library at the end of the Conference was worth the few drops of rain!

The theme for this year’s conference was: Technology for Language Education: Making Need-based and Pedagogy-driven Choices.

The first workshop on Thursday, October 23rd, was presented by Julie Lirot, which introduced the audience to the effective use of Adobe voice reader. The participants created short stories recording their voices: a great practice for speaking and pronunciation.

During the Lightning Round and Discussion there were great practical uses of technological tools demonstrated by Erin Larkin Associate Professor of Italian, Southern Connecticut State University with the use of Glogster for virtual poster and presentations. Mark Lewis, Director of the Geddes Language Center, Boston University explained the facilitated use of teaching with IPads supported by AirServer. Cindy Pulkkinen, Murkland Lecturer, University of New Hampshire showed her use of ZeeMap in her language classroom. Theresa Schenker, Language Program Director of German, Yale University in a true ‘lightning mode’ presented ten different tools she uses regularly in her students assignments. Tsan-Jui Cheng, Columbia University created an interactive discussion on the on line teaching programs and the use of technology to bolster the language teaching in the future.

Since the Conference had many presenters there were several concurrent sessions to follow into the following day, Friday, October 24th.

The NERALLT President, Janie Ducan presented Dick House who stimulated the vision of “tools” for several creative uses and purposes through an interesting evolution of technological supportive elements in time. Emilie Talpin, Lecturer in French, University of New Hampshire, Richard House, Director of the Language Resource Center, UNH & Claire Gaudissart, Lecturer in French, UNH presented the Efficient way to use technology and IPads when language teaching receives limited funding options. Rosamaría Leon, Senior Lector, Yale University, demonstrated the use of IPads for autonomy learning in summer programs abroad. Sabine Levet, Senior Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, offered her integrating of several tools for students in communication in a cross-cultural mode. Jean Janecki, Director, Language Resource Center, Mount Holyoke College, suggested the alternative conferencing tool: Zoom. This platform can facilitate instructors, who would like to interact more with their students.

In the afternoon, Elsa Amanatidou, Director, Center for Language Studies, Brown University & Giovanna Roz Gastaldi, Manager, Instructional Media and Production Department presented their collaborative project on synchronous ‘on line’ class through videoconferences. Some caveats were also discussed with all participants. Steve Welsh, Program Manager, Distance Learning, Columbia University, and Dave Malinowski, Language Technology & Research Specialist, Yale Center for Language Study, proposed a scaffolding practices to communicate effectively connecting classroom with the communities. Roberto Rey Agudo, Lecturer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, demonstrated an effective tool for literary text annotation for additional reflections on texts in and out of class. Jesse Gleason, Assistant professor TESOL/Spanish, Southern Connecticut State University reported on her project of language courses on line with several types of activities and use of technological tools such as Etherpad. Cher Lin, Chinese Professor, Quinnipiac University covered the topic of hybrid courses to enhance learning of Chinese language through the use of Weebly.

The NERALLT 2014 Fall Conference brought together very interesting presentations and ideas for language teaching with technology. The discussion will be kept open during the year through webinars and exchange of ideas from all NERALLT members. In the hope to see you again soon at NERALLT webinars and conference!


NERALLT Fall 2014 Conference Information and Registration

Conference Program

Click here to view and/or download the conference program (in pdf, updated October 9, 2014).


The registration for NERALLT Fall 2014 Conference is now open! Please click here to register.

Also, please note that the Thursday dinner (October 23, 2014) is not covered by the registration fee.


Local hotel information (within a 15-20-minute walking distance):

Hilton Providence: 401-831-3900

Renaissance: 401-919-5000

Marriott: 866-807-2171

Providence Biltmore: 401-421-0700

A more economical option, but requires driving (a 12-15-minute drive): Hampton Inn Suites in Seekonk, Massachusetts

Conference Venue

Watson Center for Information Technology (CIT)
Brown University
366 Brook St
Providence, RI 02912

Click here to view the map.

Directions and Parking

The directions are to the Stephen Robert '62 Campus Center. If you continue down Waterman,  the Watson CIT is on the right side of the street (next to the Science Library, the tallest building on campus) on the corner of Waterman and Brook.

Visitors may find parking on the streets in and around campus, or in the Visitors Parking lot on Brook St. behind Minden Hall—at the intersection of Brook St. and Waterman St. Please check the link above for more info.

Dinner Venue (Thursday, October 23, 2014)

Kabob and Curry | phone: 401-273-8844
261 Thayer Street, Providence, RI 02906


NERALLT Fall Conference 2014

Technology for language education: Making need-based and pedagogy-driven choices

Brown University - Providence, RI

October 23 & 24, 2014

It’s great when faculty and language support personnel have the luxury of choosing the technology they need for particular pedagogical purposes, but it’s probably not a reality at most institutions. Whether for budgetary reasons, the need for technology to meet needs of multiple departments, or for other reasons, institutions often make choices with varying degrees of input from language programs. This conference will present and explore a number of approaches to meeting instructors’ and learners’ needs.

We will consider these issues from an educational standpoint, identifying the whys and hows of technology choices. We will also hear from those who have experienced some of these choices, giving us a sense of how results vary with the use of differing technologies.

Address, In Lieu of Keynote:

Creative Use of Tools in Language Education

Richard House – Former NERALLT President, Director Language Resource Center, University of New Hampshire

Audience and Focus:

NERALLT seeks presentations that will provide professional development for language educators, technologists and administrators.

We invite proposals that describe the choice of language teaching and learning technologies accomplished through creatively

  1. Networking & Collaborating with IT Staff and Decision Makers
  2. Using Free or Inexpensive Alternatives to the Large-Scale Institutional Applications, or
  3. Choosing Applications Relevant to the Needs of Individual Courses or Portions of the Curriculum within a Course

Types of Presentations:

NERALLT seeks presentation perspectives and formats that promote interaction, such as:

  •       30 minute individual/group presentations (not including Q & A)
  •       Round table discussions or panels (30 minutes with a maximum of 3 presenters and 15 minutes Q & A)
  •       Electronic Poster Sessions
  •       Workshops (1-2 hours, hands-on)
  •       Lightning Round sessions (5 minute presentation followed by facilitated group discussion)

Conference fees

Conference registration fee for presenters and students (also includes annual membership) - $25

Conference registration fee for attendees who are non-students (also includes annual membership) - $35

For those who cannot attend the conference or who learn about NERALLT later in the year and would like to support the organization, Membership Only is $25

If you have any questions, please contact NERALLT Conference organizers by clicking here.